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Free EP is out!

6/17/14 by viewtifulday
Updated 6/19/14

Ladies and gentlemen, some free music for you guys :) Hope you enjoy!



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This is copyrighted, unlike your songs on Newgrounds, derp, or intentional? Anyhow, I'll buy it, even if it's copyrighted. It sounds awesome =D

7/5/14 viewtifulday responds:

Thank you :D Yeah, it's my first EP so I figured I'd reserve rights to myself. That doesn't mean you can't use it for YouTube videos or anything :D

@jecjoker : yesterday i've listened some music ! now i've the same problem... i join your sadness

6/19/14 viewtifulday responds:

Sorry bud, I'll fix the link right away



I get this screen I'm sad :*(

6/19/14 viewtifulday responds:

Sorry bout that! I'll fix the link right away



Well that's mighty kind of you there man. I'll have to go take a look at it.

6/19/14 viewtifulday responds:

Please do! The link was broken for a bit but I'll fix it



Awesome :D!!

6/19/14 viewtifulday responds:

:D Yeah!!