2012-08-31 01:53:53 by viewtifulday

Today I discovered Newgrounds added a Delete Audio Project function! To be honest, I'm super glad to delete all the crap from way back when I had no clue what I was doing...so yeah, I'm pretty happy.

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2012-08-31 06:54:02

Great! :D

viewtifulday responds:

It is pretty great :D


2012-10-01 16:27:24

I never got to hear Clint the Cowboy 2! D}:

(Updated ) viewtifulday responds:

I posted it but everyone hated it...so I deleted it again. People are mean


2012-10-18 07:33:24

Silly mean people.
I got to hear it for the short time it was up. :{D

You should remix "Dead Puppies" and see how they react.

viewtifulday responds:

Haha I think I will


2012-10-26 18:22:27

we are all glad lol

viewtifulday responds:

I wonder why it took them so long