Sad faec

2013-10-16 15:01:41 by viewtifulday

I posted a song

and I worked really hard on it

And I got zero'd

So now I has 2.5 stars



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2013-10-17 08:16:31

Cheer up! It's a viewtiful day!

People who vote low on audio usually do so to get a larger change of boosting their own scores, so just ignore scores. Good music will still get recognition!

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil. You always know just what to say to make me feel better


2013-11-03 19:50:43

With the new system for the audio charts, it's very unlikely this will happen again. Instead of songs being listed in order of score, they are now listed in order of score and the number of votes.

viewtifulday responds:

That sounds awesome. Thanks for the info


2014-03-10 18:18:59

Well, I give you 2.5/2.5!

viewtifulday responds:

You are awesome