Question for anyone with an opinion

2014-08-10 03:59:56 by viewtifulday

I'm working on a very large Flash RPG at the moment. In order to make some major progress, I would need to take a short break from producing music. Please do me a favor and pick the statement that sums up your feelings (or just pick one at random if you want)

a.) I don't care how long it takes for you to make the dumb RPG, just keep making music and we'll see the game when we see it
b.) I want to see the RPG finished within a few months and I don't care if you don't make any music in the meantime

c.) I don't care if you finish your RPG or make your music because I think you're a talentless poohead

d.) I don't know who you are and I don't care at all. You should make up your mind like an adult instead of leaving your decisions to strangers on the internet


For anyone wondering, the RPG I'm working on is going to be a full-length Flash RPG (about 10-15 hours, probs) with an original story and original characters. I've been working on it on and off for almost a year now already and am kinda wondering if I should just blast through it and get it done.


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2014-08-10 04:24:05

A combo of b) and d), but after playing your last game, I realize you've got a knack for presenting solid, attractive material. You've got a lot of great music under your belt, but only one game (posted) so far.

(Updated ) viewtifulday responds:

Hmm, you have a point. A few years back I used to have a lot of smallish games posted here on Newgrounds, but I deleted them all because I realized I was just churning out crap for the mere sake of having something to post.

Thanks for your feedback, dude. I'm gonna work really hard on the RPG and hopefully get it done sooner rather than later. And of course, I'm gonna make my own music for it :)


2014-08-10 04:47:21

Yup, slow and steady wins the race, best of luck. I hope programming isn't going to present any problems, concentrating on what the player sees and does is paramount, everything else is prep and scrap.

If all goes well, tomorrow I'll be getting an old friend in the mail: a video camera I used to use in my work, 15 years ago... just hoping the tapes aren't too badly degraded, and I can clean the footage I transfer (always did look a bit dark and oversaturated, like a polarizer was always on.)

viewtifulday responds:

There's just something wonderful about old electronic equipment :) Some of the best sound systems I've listened to are over 30 years old!

Would it be possible to replace the tapes? Or does nobody create tapes anymore for old-school video cameras?


2014-08-10 05:45:34

D. With love.

viewtifulday responds:

Haha respect


2014-08-10 06:14:23

A. Things like these can't be rushed; if you're going to make a solid RPG and solid music in the meantime, then don't hesitate to take the time you need to excel in both.

All the best!

viewtifulday responds:

I spose I could find time to do both. Thanks for your comment


2014-08-10 07:37:55

D, but I don't NOT care :<

viewtifulday responds:

Haha well, at least you're honest


2014-08-10 10:08:52

Sure, they still make videocassettes of every stripe and color, especially the commercial stuff like U-Matic 3/4", which is probably still used in TV stations around North America to play crappy old movies and such.


2014-08-10 13:40:48


-newgroudns said "d)" is to short to post on it's own.

viewtifulday responds:

To be fair, it's just two characters long


2014-08-10 15:09:43

I think you should do the RPG. I think a new medium of art would be good. especially one that you have worked so hard on. Maybe a successful flash game will inspire you to do some awesome music or even more good games. Plus, you can do a lot of music for the RPG too.

viewtifulday responds:

That's what I was thinking too! Thanks


2014-08-11 08:18:29

You are entitled to your opinion, just as long as you don't mention it to anyone.

viewtifulday responds:

That, sir, is a fact


2014-08-11 15:11:49

I think your one of the only listenable rappers on NG, so I'm going to go with A

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks bro. I take pride in my lyrics


2014-08-11 17:45:12

I'll say D. I'd go listen to some of your music but my headphones are broken... D:

I vote do things in this order:
1. What makes you the most money (it sucks being poor or working at burger king)
2. Who the hell cares? If you got to option 2, you're just doing it for fun, so do what you enjoy the most and be lazy with everything else. :D

viewtifulday responds:

Sage advice, thanks


2014-08-30 13:05:05

I love the Idea of you trying this, but I think your music is just too good to lose. I'm gonna have to go with A

viewtifulday responds:

Hmm okay


2014-10-12 14:52:00

I'll go with A! Your music is the best music ever made.


2014-10-25 18:59:17

E.) Do what you desire. Do what you think is the best. I love your music, and I am so grateful that you gave me the permission to use it for my YouTube-channel. This is not up to us man. This is you choice.

Just, have, fun.