Doin stuff

2016-07-14 20:45:30 by viewtifulday

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've been doing beats for a buddy for his spoken word album. Also, I'm working on a track that I want to try to get released on a label, so I probably won't post it here. But more music is coming--probably a sparse track every now and then.

ALSO! I've started working on my Flash RPG again. Bought a drawing tablet so the art will be infinitely less time consuming and better quality. I'm in the beginning stages of animation and will be sure to let you guys know when I have something playable. I'm doing everything myself: the story, dialogue, characters, music, and programming. I'm starting to understand how huge of an undertaking this is. Hundreds of hours will be required but I'm happy to do it myself if I get to see the game made exactly as I want.

Hang tight for more content!


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2016-10-05 13:16:35

Good luck (^~^)