Doin it big

2017-03-02 19:30:27 by viewtifulday

Takin a break from music for the time being. Gonna work on my game, and play Zelda I'm sure


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2017-03-02 20:04:12

good luck man, i hope you have a good time ^_^

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks! As soon as I get something playable I'll post a demo


2017-03-03 03:12:54

Zelda is kinda overrated play something else...

viewtifulday responds:

How can you know it's overrated if it just came out today


2017-03-03 17:30:35

Pretty sure the first Zelda game was released in 1986 and nobody has shut the fuck up about it since so I'm pretty sure that it's overrated...

viewtifulday responds:

I dunno man, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are pretty cool. Most of them aren't really my cup of tea though so I can see your point


2017-04-11 20:50:38

Amazing, good luck with your game! :)


2017-07-20 15:12:18

we'll enjoy your songs in the meantime ^^

viewtifulday responds:

I'm back at making music! Working on like five songs at a time though haha


2017-07-22 04:16:45

Good to know you're back making music, can't wait for more songs :D