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Sweet graphics.

Love it.

Cool tutorial!

I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

Thanks a lot!

TheSongSalad responds:

i'm glad it's helping you out. good luck!


The menu thing is a little bit annoying...

But the game is ok.

Emby responds:

Really nothing I could do about that...

This game is amazing.

Here's my song:

9--61---1---1-1-1-1-1-1-16-83-773-6-9 -----6-9-----------------------------

Fairly well built?

That wasn't very good, I'm sorry.
Maybe you should learn more ActionScript.
The Noter was okay, but you could have added more, such as maybe a game of Solitaire that doesn't work, or SOMETHING, but all you have is a lame screenshot of Newgrounds and an advertisement for your website that links to an error screen. You need to apply more effort.

Ultra is hardly the word.

Here's a rundown:
Engine- 8 / 10. This game actually plays very smoothly, and the physics weren't bad at all. Not too shabby here.

Concept- 2 / 10. Not very interesting, just killing enemies is not enough.

Graphics- 1 /10. Terrible graphics. The stick figure's legs don't even move! I'm sorry, but you need to put more effort into making this look good.

Music - 9/10. This is the greatest song EVER, but it needs to fit more with the game!

Average - 5 / 10.

Pretty good!

This is a great game, except for one problem: when you die, you start over from the beginning of the level. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

However, the simple controls and the overall smoothness are what make this game good.

Very entertaining.

Overall, I loved it. The controls were perfect, and yet simple, the attack pattern was predictable and yet still challenging, the leveling up system worked brilliantly, and last of all, the graphics were amazing! This is definitely going on my favorites list.

Nice job!

I actually enjoyed this experience, because I've never seen graphics this good on Flash. The differences weren't too hard to find, but that didn't stick out as much as how incredible this game looks. Overall, this was extremely enjoyable visually and I want to see more in the future.


I really like this game because...well...it's stick figures beating each other up! It's awesome!

I loves making musics so much, yes

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