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2013-11-18 17:49:14 by viewtifulday

I've been getting some PMs from people asking if they can use my music for their YouTube videos and whatnot.

As long as you credit me, go right ahead! I have absolutely no qualms with any usage--commercial or non-commercial.

Thanks for listening!


Sad faec

2013-10-16 15:01:41 by viewtifulday

I posted a song

and I worked really hard on it

And I got zero'd

So now I has 2.5 stars


Projects on the way

2013-09-09 01:27:38 by viewtifulday

Hokay, so.
Recently I put out a finished project, a weird 6/8 hardcore/dubstep-type hybrid that I hope you guys will like.

Coming up is a bouncy, super-happy vocal tune which combines a melody from a hardstyle song with vocals by hardcore producer Bridson :D

And then I'm bringin back my old hardcore remix of Greyson Chance's Unfriend You, with updated mastering and a sick new melody!

There will be more projects of course, but these are the ones I'm finishing in the near future :D Get excited, cuz I totally am!



100 Fans! Thank you all!

2013-03-16 22:42:40 by viewtifulday

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of you! I love getting feedback and I'm so grateful all of you guys are following me on here, even though my music sounds far from professional, and I still have lots to learn about production and mastering, but I'm learning more and more all the time. The internet is a powerful tool ;)

Oh, and plus I'm saving up for Ableton and Cubase--having these would be a huge, huge step forward! I love producing too much to quit, so expect more stuff from me in the future!


Sum new stuff

2012-12-24 01:52:50 by viewtifulday

Hey, so I got some new projects on the way. Just so you guys know I'm not slacking off or anything (I've also been busy with work, but yeah).

Oh, btw I had something really epic finished, but then my retarded music software corrupted the save file, so it's in el Recycle Bin now. So sad. ;_;

Hopefully sometime in the next few days I'll post what I got.



2012-08-31 01:53:53 by viewtifulday

Today I discovered Newgrounds added a Delete Audio Project function! To be honest, I'm super glad to delete all the crap from way back when I had no clue what I was yeah, I'm pretty happy.

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New laptop!

2012-07-17 13:46:37 by viewtifulday

I got a new laptop, so I'm going to be producing some longer tunes from now on (since my laptop can handle it and everything). Just so you guys know to expect some big things in the future!

As always, don't forget to like me on Facebook :D
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Mah new Facebook page

2012-03-12 13:17:39 by viewtifulday

Hey guys. I have a Facebook page now!

Click on meh

If you'd be so kind as to go ahead and give it a like, I'd very much appreciate it :D



2011-09-09 00:45:29 by viewtifulday

Other than the three projects I'm working on, I don't know what else to make.

Any ideas for songs? As in, remixes? I'm open to suggestions :D